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  • We'll Be Back!
    Don't give up on us! We'll be back!
  • Slacker Chat for February 2011
    We join the Slackers for some chit-chat about Kepler and exoplanets and a whole bunch of other stuff, too.
  • Twitter Plea
    This is a plea to follow us on Twitter. Our twitter name is 'slackastro'. Astro jokes and more!
  • Interview: Rachid Ouyed and Quark Novae
    Doug talks with Dr. Rachid Ouyed about monstrous supernovae and the extremely interesting prospect that they may result from the transition from a neutron star to a strange star. Just when you thought things couldn't get any denser...
  • Podcast: Chat show with guest Ryan Wyatt
    A loud, chaotic at times but generally fun chit-chat show with Michael, Doug, Mike, Rebecca, Aaron and special guest Ryan Wyatt, directory of the planetarium at the California Acadamy of Sciences.
  • Podcast: Fun from the Sun
    Michael, Doug and Mike discuss coronal mass ejections, solar flares, aurora and related topics.
  • Variable Stars and Epsilon Aurigae
    Awesome video, narrated by Timothy Ferris, about variable stars and epsilon Aurigae. Courtesy of the good people at
  • The Extragalactic Distance Scale
    Michael Koppelman interviews Dr. Lucas Macri about his work on the extragalactic distance scale using Cepheid variable stars and space telescopes.
  • AAVSONet with Dr. Arne Henden
    Mike Simonsen interviews Dr. Arne Henden about AAVSONet, a global network of research telescopes, including APASS and the BSM.
  • Citizen Sky with Rebekah Turner
    Michael, Doug and Mike regale us with their wit and humor and then Mike interviews Rebekah Turner about the Citizen Sky project.
  • Interview: Robert Naeye of Sky & Telescope Part 2
    The conclusion of Mike Simonsen's interview with Robert Naeye, Editor-in-Chief of Sky & Telescope magazine. The topic today is science journalism and afterward Michael, Doug and Mike share their thoughts via their typical slacker banter.
  • Interview: Robert Naeye, Editor-in-Chief of Sky & Telescope
    Mike Simonsen from Slacker Astronomy interviews Robert Naeye, Editor-in-Chief of Sky & Telescope magazine about the future of amateur astronomy. Michael, Mike and Doug also discuss various topics and provide brilliant insights and humorous commentary.
  • Interview: Kevin Krisciunas
    Mike Simonsen interviews Kevin Krisciunas about his recent paper that describes how to measure the eccentricity of the moon's orbit with a yardstick and some cardboard and lots of other stuff.
  • Kepler and Extrasolar Asteroids
    An interview with Steve Howell from NOAO about the Kepler mission, extrasolar asteroids and Ophiuchans.
  • Citizen Science with Epsilon Aurigae
    The folks at made this cool Lite Brite video about Epsilon Aurigae.
  • Heat
    Michael, Doug and Mike discuss heat, temperature, thermodynamics, black bodies and associated hot topics.
  • Supernovae and Caroline Moore
    Mike interviews Caroline Moore, the youngest discoverer of a supernova and Michael, Doug and Mike dicuss supernovae in general in some detail.
  • CCDs, Cosmology and Ben
    Michael, Doug and Mike discuss the charge coupled device (CCD), answer reader mail about cosmology and interivew Slacker Blogger Ben Huset.
  • North Star Special
    A thorough and lengthy show about the North Star, Polaris, including an interview with Dr. Edward Guinan.
  • Slackerchat with Michael, Doug and Mike
    Michael, Doug and proto-Slacker Mike Simonsen discuss Citizen Sky, Jupiter, Stardust, Active SETI and much, much more.
  • Interview: Evalyn Gates
    Doug and Michael interview cosmologist Dr. Evalyn Gates about white dwarfs, dark matter, dark energy and women in science.
  • Interview: Peter Brookhouse
    Doug Welch interview Peter Brookhouse about protecting Australia's observatories from bush fires.
  • Simo-Slacker Interviews Pt. II
    Mike Simonsen interviews Christopher Tout, Paula Szkody and Boris Gaensicke about cataclysmic variable stars.
  • Simo-Slacker Interviews Pt. I
    A full show complete with discussion by Michael and Doug, 2 interviews by Mike Simonsen about cataclysmic variable stars and more chatter and laughing.
  • 365 Days of Astronomy: 2/12/09
    This is a cross-post of our third contribution to The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. It is part 2 of a 2 part series with Dr. Roberta Humphreys and Dr. Kris Davidson from the University of Minnesota, discussing massive stars.
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