1. Do Not Litter!  Everyone shall be responsible for his or her litter.  If you bring it in, take it with you when you leave. Smokers use an ashtray and take the refuse with you.

2. No Open Fires Permitted.

3. Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages is Absolutely Prohibited.

3. No White Lights after Dark!  Use dim red lights after sundown. Use only the minimum light necessary for safety.  
If you must use lights, please ask first, to avoid spoiling someone's night vision or astrophoto’s.  
Shield or turn off automatic car door or trunk lights (Pull the fuses if necessary.)

4. Park Based on your Observing Plan.  Park facing towards the exit, to avoid having to backup using backup lights. If you planning to leave early, park close to the exit.   If you do not bring a telescope, park away from observers and walk over. Five MPH is the maximum speed while on observing field to keep dust to a minimum. Also be careful that your vehicle does not block the view of a nearby observer.

5. Remember, your vehicle back-up lights are bright white.  A good idea is to back your vehicle in at the start of the evening so that when you leave, you can pull straight out rather than having to back up.

6. Plan Your Departure.  Please announce in advance (to save night vision and astrophotographer's tempers), and have someone lead your vehicle out with a flashlight.  Use Parking Lights Only – No Headlights, Please!

7. Members are Responsible for ALL their Guests.  All non-members are considered "Guests,'' and must observe the same rules as members. Please keep children close to their parents while they are at CMO. The hang gliding ramp is on the south end of the field and there is a 1000 ft drop to the bottom.

8. Do not touch or use other peoples gear without their consent. If you borrow something from  someone please give it back before the night is over.

9. If you use the CMO observatory remember to put everything back in its place when you are done. Don’t leave cases open and the scope uncovered roof open etc.. Remember to lock the door on your way out and check to ensure it is shut tight.

10. Keep Noise to a Minimum.  Please, no loud radios, tape players, CB, CDs, horns, yelling, etc.

11. Never be the Next to the Last to Leave. Don't leave someone alone at the observing site without first checking with them.  Dead car batteries, etc.

12. The last two people should sweep the area with their flashlights to see if anyone accidentally dropped something important.  If you find anything left behind, contact the club President the next day and then bring the item with you to the next meeting to be re-united with its owner.

13.  Overnight camping (RV or tent) at the site is not allowed unless previously discussed with and approved by a Club officer.

14. No firearms are allowed on the site.

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